MozGuj hosts MozConnect on Open Source & Mozilla at IET Ahmedabad

Mozilla Gujarat has hosted MozConnect – an interactive seminar on introduction to Open Source and Mozilla for the engineering and technology students of Institute of Engineering & Technology, Ahmedabad University.

The event was organized in order to give the students a brief introduction and overview of Open Source technologies and Mozilla’s products and projects. The event was aimed at equipping students with the overview of Open Source and Mozilla. The students were given brief knowledge about some most popular Open Source projects and Mozilla’s various projects. Students were also give brief overview of how they can get started with contributing to Mozilla projects.

Following topics were covered in various sessions by MozGuj’s various Mozillians:

• Introduction to MozGuj community and its mission – by Drashti Pandya.
• Overview of Open Source & Mozilla and how to contribute to Mozilla – by Moin Shaikh
• Privacy & Security on Web – by Mansi Trivedi & Haard Patel
• Introduction to Firefox Student Ambassadors and FSA Clubs – by Drashti Pandya
• Womoz: Women in Mozilla – by Drashti Pandya

8The event was a significant milestone for Mozilla Gujarat community as it was one of the biggest events so far.

Drashti kicked off the event by giving a brief overview of Mozilla Gujarat community, its mission and its future plans to promote the Mozilla’s mission.

10Moin headed over to explain the brief overview of Open Source concept, some Open Source projects and how to contribute to them.

After Open Source session, then-after, Moin briefed audience with Mozilla’s various projects and ways to contribute to them in various areas such as Web QA, L10N, SUMO, Add-on development etc.

2We moved over to the topic Privacy & Security on Web where Mansi and Haard explained various privacy and security concepts. They also explained why the privacy and security on web matters and how to take right approach to ensure a safe surfing experience on web using Mozilla’s available tools and technologies to protect the privacy on web.

9The next session, WoMoZ – Women in Mozilla was conducted by Drashti where she explained Mozilla’s initiative to promote the women participation in Open Source and technology field. Drashti also gave overview of how women in technology can be a part of Mozilla’s WoMoZ initiative and why this matters for everyone on web.

We moved on to the next session, Introduction to FSA and FSA Club where Drashti briefed students with Mozilla’s Firefox Student Ambassador Program and explained how students take initiatives in becoming FSA and starting their own FSA clubs at their college.

The final session was the Q&A Session where we got to interact with many students and answered their queries.

We are thrilled that we got so many new Mozilla enthusiastic joining the community and taking this community to the next level while promoting Mozilla’s mission of the open and protected web and we are glad to have such a wonderful, interactive and engaging audience at the event.

We thank the students and the management committee of IET, Ahmedabad University who gave us this wonderful chance to promote the Open Source and Mozilla’s community building opportunity.


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