MozGuj hosts MozConnect on Open Source & Mozilla at IET Ahmedabad

Mozilla Gujarat has hosted MozConnect – an interactive seminar on introduction to Open Source and Mozilla for the engineering and technology students of Institute of Engineering & Technology, Ahmedabad University.

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Mozilla Gujarat’s Firefox Hindi Pilot Campaign

AmCspf8Y-5HmEh0Mz6KaaTC3LnMxhzQzq-8fXIpsHkVCWe hosted Firefox Hindi Pilot Campaign in late October to educate and inspire Firefox lovers to use Firefox Hindi browser. Our contributors and community members also campaigned offline and online to spread awareness about the Firefox Hindi Pilot Campaign among their friends, family, colleagues and everyone.

Our meetup and campaign to educate our users about the Firefox Hindi was hosted on 25th October at Zen Cafe in Ahmedabad. During the campaign, we explained about Firefox’s Hindi and Marathi versions, we also explained about localization efforts being made by Mozilla to give users their choice of browser in their choice of language and we also explained about the awesome Mozilla L10N community – the Mozilla’s community team behind the localized version of Mozilla products and documents.

We are excited to say that we got new team members to join us in our efforts to spread the Mozilla mission and we are looking forward to form our team of Mozilla l1on within our MozGuj community 🙂

Looking forward to contribute to Mozilla l10n community with our new members and carry forward this Firefox Hindi Pilot Campaign to all of the Hindi Firefox users.

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MozGuj Meetup + Firefox Hindi Pilot Campaign

MozGuj invites you to be a part of the upcoming MozGug Meetup + Firefox Hindi Awareness Campaign.

We are hosting yet another meetup on 25th October, Sunday in Ahmedabad city to introduce MozGuj to new Mozillians and to also educate people with Mozilla India’s pilot program – Firefox Hindi.

If you are an opensource tech lover looking forward to contribute to a global open source project, this is the opportunity for you. Do join us and say hello to MozGuj this weekend.


1. Introduction to Opensource and Mozilla.
2. Overview of Firefox OS.
3. Educating about Firefox Hindi Pilot Campaign.
4. FSA Program – Its details and benefits.
5. Open discussion.

Make sure you register for the meetup.

Also, please mark yourself as ‘Attendee’ on this Mozilla ReMo Event page. (Note that you’ll need A Mozillians account for this. To know more about how to create Mozillians account, click here.)

Date: 25th October 2015, Sunday.

Time: 11:00AM Onwards.


Zen Cafe, CEPT Campus,
Gujarat University Road,
Gujarat, India

Direction Map:

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MozGuj’s Monthly Mozilla Meetup : August 2015

Hello Mozillians!

We’re glad to inform you that we are hosting this month’s meetup on upcoming Saturday, 15th August. Below are details for the time and venue of the meetup. We aim to exchange ideas and to conduct open discussion on all things Mozilla.

We invite and encourage you to participate in this meetup and to share your ideas, thoughts and contribution plans to make Mozilla better.

We will also give you an introductory overview of various Mozilla projects and ways to contribute to those projects so that new community members can also start contributing to the Mozilla Community.

Date: 15th August, 2015, Saturday. From 10:00am onwards
Venue: Zen Cafe, Amdavad Ni Gufa,
Near CEPT Campus, University Road,

We are excited and eager to see you in the meetup and to have your ideas and plan to contribute to the Mozilla community!

MozGuj Hosts FoxYeah In Ahmedabad With Big Success!

Taking the open web to the streets among kids and youth, MozGuj (Mozilla Gujarat) today hosted FoxYeah campaign in Ahmedabad which turned out to be a big success for us.


The event was started with the brief introduction of Mozilla and its mission of open and privacy protected web. The audience was then informed of Mozilla Gujarat, its objectives and its activities. After the introduction session, our team about web privacy, its importance and Mozilla’s efforts in making the privacy better for web users.


We then talked about web literacy. Our team also informed the audience (children, youth and adult people) about the importance of web literacy and why it is necessary for the strong and brighter future.


foxyeahdrawingWe then kick started the main activity of our today’s FoxYeah campaign by inviting children and young participants to draw the pictures and put their creativity to promote FoxYeah.


We were really amazed with the huge and brilliant response to the drawing competition!
The children were really making it a big show with their excellent drawing on FoxYeah theme.


The participants included children, school & college going students as well as professionals, noble citizens and educators who were all enthusiastic about Mozilla and our events.
We were bit of happily surprised to learn that some of them already knew what is Mozilla’s mission and how to keep it promoting!


Here’re some snapshots from today’s FoxYeah event:

 foxyeah6  foxyeah4  foxyeah1

We concluded the event by taking group pictures, exchanging thoughts on different ways to promote Mozilla’s mission and to chit-chat with little tech enthusiastic 🙂

Visit our Facebook page for more pictures and updates.

Thank you everyone for participating, contributing and volunteering with so much enthusiasm to make this event a big success! Keep sharing MozLove!

MozCoffee Ahmedabad – A Kick Starting Mega Meetup for Mozilla Gujarat!

Mozilla Gujarat hosted its first ever public meetup MozCoffeeAhmedabad on 13th June 2015 in Ahmedabad and it quickly turned into the mega event as participants came from across Gujarat including Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Baroda and Surat showing their zeast and zeal to contribute to the world’s one of the most recognized open soruce project – Mozilla.

Kicking off the meetup with introduction

2The meetup kicked off with a formal introduction of the MozGuj community by its core members Moin Shaikh, Harsh Kothari, Yash Golechha, Sunny Patel, Rahul Chavda, Drashti Pandya, Harshit Shah and Milap Bhojak giving an overview of the Mozilla Gujarat community, its formation story, its goals and the solid future plans.

Soon after introudcing the community among the Mozillians, the new joining participants started introducing themselves and gave reasons on why they are so much passionate to join the community and to contribute to it.

The Mozilla Projects Overview by Harsh, Moin & Yash

After the introduction round, MozGuj members Harsh, Moin & Yash started educating the participants with Mozilla’s various projects including Firefox, Thunderbird, Firefox OS and Mozilla SUMO and beyond.

The Firefox Project – Overview by Harsh & Moin

Harsh gave a complete overview of Mozilla’s open source intiatives including Firefox. He also shared knowledge on how Firefox is different and better than other browsers like Google Chrome.

Harsh also shared information about various leading open source projects and educated students on how they can start contributing to the major open source projects while learning and embracing evolving technologies. He then shared major advantages of contributing to open source projects and kept encouraging students to choose their favourite open source project to start contribution.

Firefox OS – Overview by Yash & Harsh

Yash gave a complete overview of Mozilla’s precious project – FirefoxOS and shared information on how this evolving mobile OS platform is different and better than its rivals. Yash also shared useful information on how students can play a key role in makign FirefoxOS a better smartphone OS alternative by contributing to the project.

Yash also showed how simple and beautiful it is to develop awesome apps for FirefoxOS. Both Yash and Harsh also shared practical development tips to build and deploy Firefox Apps.

Mozilla SUMO & Web Maker Tools – Overiview by Moin

Moving ahead the meetup, Moin started giving overivew of Mozilla’s support platform – SUMO (Support.Mozilla.Org) and educated students on how they can get their journey into Mozilla project started by playing a key role as a support team member.  He introduced Mozilla’s support platoforms such as Army of Awesome (Mozilla’s Twitter based support platform), other Support forum, Mozilla Knowledge Base (KB) and Mozilla Localization.

Moin also gave overview of Web Maker tools by Mozilla including Thimble, X-Ray Goggles and Appmaker.

Mozilla Developer Network – Overview by Rahul

Rahul spoke about Mozilla Developer Network and educated students on how they can utilize Mozilla’s MDN to learn and develop beautiful web and FirefoxOS apps at their own. He also inspired attendees to get their hands on MDN and try to devleop something useful for FirefoxOS platform.

The Interactive QA Session

1The meetup soon turned into an interactive, two way Q and A session where participating enthusiastic students eager asked questions related to Mozilla projects, opensource technologies and the ways to contribute to open source world. Their motivation could clearly reflect the grand success of MozCoffee meetup and as the meetup was being concluded, they raised their hands and registered themselves to be a part of Mozila Gujarat community.

In the end, a new beginning

And as the meetup came to end, we felt and witnessed a whole new beginning of the new era – Mozilla era in Gujarat. We are now firm determined and aggresively planning back-to-back FoxYeah events, meetups and maker parties in coming weeks.

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Gear Up For MozCoffee – Another MozGuj Meetup This Weekend

MozGuj is back in action with another great Mozilians’ meetup this weekend.

We are hosting another introductory meetup on 13th June, Saturday evening time in Ahmedabad city to introduce MozGuj to new Mozillians and to spread our mission of Open Web.

If you are a tech lover looking forward to contribute to a global open source project, this is the opportunity for you. Do join us and say hello to MozGuj this weekend. If you are interested in joining us for this meetup, click here to register for this meetup.

Agenda of the MozCoffee

1. Introduction to Firefox Mozilla projects like WebMaker, Persona etc.
2. Overview of Firefox OS
3. Firefox Browser – Discuss on how it is different from other browsers like Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer and what are the possible features it can have for better efficiency.
4. FSA Program – Its details and benefits.
5. Open discussion

Make sure you register for the meetup.

Date: 13th June 2015, Saturday.

Time: 6:00PM to 8:00PM


Zen Cafe, CEPT Campus,
Gujarat University Road,
Gujarat, India

Direction Map:

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