Mozilla Gujarat’s Firefox Hindi Pilot Campaign

AmCspf8Y-5HmEh0Mz6KaaTC3LnMxhzQzq-8fXIpsHkVCWe hosted Firefox Hindi Pilot Campaign in late October to educate and inspire Firefox lovers to use Firefox Hindi browser. Our contributors and community members also campaigned offline and online to spread awareness about the Firefox Hindi Pilot Campaign among their friends, family, colleagues and everyone.

Our meetup and campaign to educate our users about the Firefox Hindi was hosted on 25th October at Zen Cafe in Ahmedabad. During the campaign, we explained about Firefox’s Hindi and Marathi versions, we also explained about localization efforts being made by Mozilla to give users their choice of browser in their choice of language and we also explained about the awesome Mozilla L10N community – the Mozilla’s community team behind the localized version of Mozilla products and documents.

We are excited to say that we got new team members to join us in our efforts to spread the Mozilla mission and we are looking forward to form our team of Mozilla l1on within our MozGuj community 🙂

Looking forward to contribute to Mozilla l10n community with our new members and carry forward this Firefox Hindi Pilot Campaign to all of the Hindi Firefox users.

And we got to share sweet swags, sharing is caring, you know!
(Thanks Umesh Agarwal for the swag :D)



MozGuj Meetup + Firefox Hindi Pilot Campaign

MozGuj invites you to be a part of the upcoming MozGug Meetup + Firefox Hindi Awareness Campaign.

We are hosting yet another meetup on 25th October, Sunday in Ahmedabad city to introduce MozGuj to new Mozillians and to also educate people with Mozilla India’s pilot program – Firefox Hindi.

If you are an opensource tech lover looking forward to contribute to a global open source project, this is the opportunity for you. Do join us and say hello to MozGuj this weekend.


1. Introduction to Opensource and Mozilla.
2. Overview of Firefox OS.
3. Educating about Firefox Hindi Pilot Campaign.
4. FSA Program – Its details and benefits.
5. Open discussion.

Make sure you register for the meetup.

Also, please mark yourself as ‘Attendee’ on this Mozilla ReMo Event page. (Note that you’ll need A Mozillians account for this. To know more about how to create Mozillians account, click here.)

Date: 25th October 2015, Sunday.

Time: 11:00AM Onwards.


Zen Cafe, CEPT Campus,
Gujarat University Road,
Gujarat, India

Direction Map:

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