MozGuj 2nd Introductory Meetup Was Just Awesome!

As announced earlier, we hosted our 2nd Meetup yesterday at Qwiches, Ahmedabad and it was just awesome! We are thankfull to each of the attendees for their enthusiasm and keenness in taking Mozilla Gujarat to the next level.

The meetup began with introduction of new Mozillians and soon we started on discussing about ways to promote the community in city and state. We also discussed about Mozilla’s various projects including Firefox OS, FoxYeah, WebMaker and few other. Then we talked a lot on how to encourage local students to join and promote Mozilla. We discussed about various ways we can use to promote Mozilla’s FSA program.

We also discussed about and decied to take the community events to colleges and other educational institutes and to host maker parties so that students and other people who are keen on contributing to technology, can get a platform via Mozilla’s various initiatives.

Finally, seeing the magnificant response to this meetup, we decided to host another introductory meetup next week so that even new Mozillians can get into the community and feel comfortable as they start their contribution.

The greateness of their contribution can be recognized by the fact that some of the Mozillians came across from the out city by travelling 100 and even 200 kilometers! Keep rocking guys!

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P.S.: We are soon going to host another introductory meetup (Mozilla Meetup 3.0) for our new Mozillians, details to follow.


MozGuj Is Hosting 2nd Mozilla Meetup Tomorrow!

MozGuj is glad to announce the hosting of its 2nd Mozilla Meetup in Ahmedabad on 7th June 2015.

This Introductory Meetup by MozGuj is being organized at Qwitches Cafe at Guj. University road in Ahmedabad.

We invite all the enthusastic Mozilla lovers in this Introductory Meetup.

Date: 7th June 2015, Sunday. (10:00am onwards)
Venue: Qwitchs, Opp. University PLaza,
Nr. Dadasaheb na pagala, University road,

We are excited to host this event and are eager to meet new Mozillians from across the city and state, do join us to say hello!

Welcome to Mozilla Gujarat!

MozGuj LogoWe are Mozilla Gujarat – A highly enthusiastic community of Mozilla lovers in Gujarat, India. We are all Mozilla lovers who love to get involved in spreading Mozilla love everywhere. We are building up the Mozilla community in Gujarat from ground-up and we are starting with a few founding members including Drashti, Harshit, Moin, Nirali, Rahul and Sunny.

Our aim is to protect and promote the Mozilla Mission – the openness, innovation and opportunity on the web. We want to spread the love and awareness about all things Mozilla. Be it Firefox, Firefox OS or Webmaker, we are all excited to work on and take it to the next level in Gujarat to help the emerging technology students and the awesome Mozilla users gain the maximum power of the web!

Keep in touch with us and spread the MozLove!

P.S.: We are still in the foundation stage at this moment and would update our contact details here soon.