MozGuj Hosts FoxYeah In Ahmedabad With Big Success!

Taking the open web to the streets among kids and youth, MozGuj (Mozilla Gujarat) today hosted FoxYeah campaign in Ahmedabad which turned out to be a big success for us.


The event was started with the brief introduction of Mozilla and its mission of open and privacy protected web. The audience was then informed of Mozilla Gujarat, its objectives and its activities. After the introduction session, our team about web privacy, its importance and Mozilla’s efforts in making the privacy better for web users.


We then talked about web literacy. Our team also informed the audience (children, youth and adult people) about the importance of web literacy and why it is necessary for the strong and brighter future.


foxyeahdrawingWe then kick started the main activity of our today’s FoxYeah campaign by inviting children and young participants to draw the pictures and put their creativity to promote FoxYeah.


We were really amazed with the huge and brilliant response to the drawing competition!
The children were really making it a big show with their excellent drawing on FoxYeah theme.


The participants included children, school & college going students as well as professionals, noble citizens and educators who were all enthusiastic about Mozilla and our events.
We were bit of happily surprised to learn that some of them already knew what is Mozilla’s mission and how to keep it promoting!


Here’re some snapshots from today’s FoxYeah event:

 foxyeah6  foxyeah4  foxyeah1

We concluded the event by taking group pictures, exchanging thoughts on different ways to promote Mozilla’s mission and to chit-chat with little tech enthusiastic 🙂

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Thank you everyone for participating, contributing and volunteering with so much enthusiasm to make this event a big success! Keep sharing MozLove!


Welcome to Mozilla Gujarat!

MozGuj LogoWe are Mozilla Gujarat – A highly enthusiastic community of Mozilla lovers in Gujarat, India. We are all Mozilla lovers who love to get involved in spreading Mozilla love everywhere. We are building up the Mozilla community in Gujarat from ground-up and we are starting with a few founding members including Drashti, Harshit, Moin, Nirali, Rahul and Sunny.

Our aim is to protect and promote the Mozilla Mission – the openness, innovation and opportunity on the web. We want to spread the love and awareness about all things Mozilla. Be it Firefox, Firefox OS or Webmaker, we are all excited to work on and take it to the next level in Gujarat to help the emerging technology students and the awesome Mozilla users gain the maximum power of the web!

Keep in touch with us and spread the MozLove!

P.S.: We are still in the foundation stage at this moment and would update our contact details here soon.